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Sendetto is a two-man team of automation experts. One of us is a master of coding and automation, and the other is all about marketing. Together, we form the perfect storm of outreach automation expertise. We love using our skills to help solve business problems, which is what led to us founding Sendetto.

We're all about crafting AI-powered solutions that work wonders for your business. We're dedicated to making your prospect outreach smoother than ever, and boosting those lead numbers along the way. Whether it's developing a hyper-targeted email campaign or setting up automated LinkedIn messages for your dream audience, we're fully committed to delivering top-notch solutions tailored to your specific prospecting needs. Your success is our mission!

  • Ben Kvale


    Ben is a digital marketing expert based in Minneapolis who has spent the majority of his career as a one-man marketing team. He specializes in marketing automation and demand-gen activities. A creative at-heart, he is always looking for ways to approach marketing with new, innovative strategies (with the power of AI, the limitations are endless!).

  • Joshua Draxten


    Based in London, Joshua is the technical backbone of Sendetto, specializing in automating every novel strategy. Even before LLMs Joshua automated himself out of every job he's had, so starting a company that automates other people’s jobs was a natural next step.